Tailor Made Weddings
Aegean Dream Weddings

Tailor made weddings in Santorini & other Greek Islands

Aegean Dream Weddings offers a personalized wedding planning service in Santorini and other splendid Greek islands. In order, to help you design and create the most romantic day of your life we will provide you with a personal wedding planner.

With our tailor-made wedding planning option, the possibilities are endless. Whether you are looking for an elegant modern style, relaxed beachfront wedding, luxury, extravagant or something very traditional, let us make your wedding day exactly as you wish!

White and blue houses, majestic endless beaches and secret coves, breathtaking venues with a view on the blue sea, picturesque wineries… Greece is the place to be if you want to plan your dream wedding and make your special day a memory of a lifetime!

Our tailor-made wedding plans might take a little extra effort from our side since we want to achieve the best result possible that will satisfy your desires. Keep in mind that every single service must be handled individually and in detail to bring your special day to life. However, be rest assured that we have the best and most appropriate expertise to make your wedding in Greece come true and have an experience of a lifetime.

We’ll be happy to hear from you and start planning your wedding day!