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Orthodox Weddings In Santorini & Other greek Islands

Your Orthodox Wedding in Santorini, Naxos, Ios, Skiathos, Skopelos or Halkidiki needs the best wedding planners in Greece. Aegean Dream Weddings offers the most dedicated team for your special day in Greece.

Greek Orthodox Weddings are ancient and meaningful ceremonies that have been celebrated in their present form for centuries. The ceremony itself is delightful with symbols that reflect marriage, love, mutual respect, equality and sacrifice. Indeed, in such a wedding, everything has a special meaning and significance. For example, the repetition of each act three times to symbolize and invoke the mystical presence of the Holy Trinity. Moreover, the exchanging of rings, the crowning of the bride and groom and the ceremonial walking. Finally, the blessing of the couple by the priest reminds them that only God can break the union they have just entered into. These are all key parts of the traditional Orthodox Wedding in Greece.

Your Greek Orthodox Wedding can only take place in an Orthodox Church. After years of experience and having all the required local knowledge, we have chosen the most charming Orthodox Churches in Santorini and the Greek islands.

Special Notes

One of the spouses must be Greek Orthodox and both must be baptized in the Christian faith. For the Greek Orthodox Wedding, there are official documents necessary to issue. Please, click here for further information on the documentation requested. The ceremony is performed in Ancient Greek and usually lasts about an hour. Please, have a look at our superb Orthodox Wedding Packages in Santorini and the Greek islands.

This can be the starting point of your personal wedding package in Santorini, Ios, Naxos, Skopelos, Skiathos or Halkidiki. Naturally, you may use this wedding package exactly as it is or you can add any additional service to match your wishes and budget.

Feel free to share your ideas and wishes and we’ll make it happen. Whichever the package you choose, rest assured that we have the expertise to make your Greek Orthodox wedding perfect in every detail. We’d love to assist you with your wedding ideas and inspirations. We are happy to offer one free of charge wedding consultation meeting to help you out with your dream wedding in Greece.

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