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Getting Married in Skopelos

A wedding is Skopelos in a “Mamma Mia” wedding without a doubt. Skopelos is the greenest Greek island. It is so beautiful that it was selected by the Hollywood producers as the ideal location for the “Mamma Mia” movie. The dramatic landscapes, the scenic sandy or pebble beaches, the lush pine trees that reach the clear turquoise water. Let’s not forget that sunny days are the essential elements that turn Skopelos into the perfect choice for your wedding. Plus, the traditional town of Skopelos has been declared as a heritage settlement. Also, the beautiful architecture, the picturesque streets filled with huge colourful bougainvillaea create the absolute background for an ideal wedding day.

Your Skopelos Wedding can take place in a wide choice of romantic locations such as:

  • The famous Agios Yiannis Chapel well known as the Mamma Mia chapel
  • Beach wedding ceremony at one of the famous amazing beaches of the island
  • The amazing Amarantos Rocks
  • Charming beachfront restaurant wedding ceremonies and receptions
  • Privately chartered traditional boat wedding and reception in a beachfront traditional tavern
  • Garden Weddings & Receptions
  • Luxury beachfront hotel wedding ceremonies and receptions
  • Hotel wedding ceremonies and receptions with beautiful sea views
  • Greek Orthodox weddings at one of the wonderful churches and chapels

Your wedding in Skopelos can be an intimate or extravagant, traditional or bohemian, religious, Civil or Symbolic ceremony. Whichever the choice, we can offer the ideal wedding venue that will suit your wishes and needs. We will take care of everything making sure that you will experience a memorable day in Skopelos.

We’ll be happy to hear from you and start planning your wedding day!