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Aegean Dream Weddings provides the best choice of wedding packages that suit your desires and budget. Therefore, we have created unique and affordable wedding packages that can take place in a wide choice of romantic locations in Greece. Each location guarantees a memorable day.

Our packages include high-quality services and take care of absolutely everything you need to have your dream wedding in Greece. So, you may use them solely as they are or you can make the changes that suit more to your needs. Hence, we will provide you with your personal and dedicated wedding consultant. We are here, ready to help you make informed choices about how to take care of every single detail that suits your style.

Wedding Packages In Greece

Santorini Wedding

Santorini is the Island that couples around the world pick for their wedding experience and honeymoon.

Ios Wedding

Ios is one of the most beautiful and popular islands of Cyclades. It is famous for its wonderful beaches, the picturesque capital town and the vivid nightlife

Skiathos Wedding

Skiathos is an amazing place to get married. This magnificent small island filled with pine forests and magical beaches. Its crystal-clear azure waters create a unique location for your wedding in Greece.

Skopelos Wedding

Skopelos, the greenest Greek island, is so beautiful that it was chosen by the Hollywood producers as the ideal location for the “Mamma Mia” movie! This spectacular island is one of the most romantic wedding destinations in Greece.

Naxos Wedding

Plan your wedding in Naxos and make the most romantic occasion of your life as unforgettable as possible! Enjoy the first days of your common life in front of romantic sunsets, walks on endless sandy beaches that you will cherish forever!

Halkidiki Wedding

Halkidiki will make your wedding unforgettable. It has enchanting beaches with crystal clear waters, hidden coves, large pine forests on the edge of the coastline and traditional fishermen villages.

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